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Trade Name
TREX Regional Exchanges Oy
Form of Incorporation
Limited company (Osakeyhtiö)
Auxilliary Trade Names
TREX Tampere Region Exchange
Finnish Business ID
Finnish V.A.T Code
Bank Information
IBAN: FI49 1439 3000 1065 11
Main Line of Business
Maintaining and developing an exchange point for Internet and other traffic between connected customers. Providing a platform for research and development of Internet core technologies and infrastructure such as exchange points.


Axu TM Oy
Innovative internetworking design company and consultancy. Axu TM Oy has taken on the day to day management of the exchange.
BaseN Corporation
BaseN Corporation builds, audits, optimizes and tracks networks in a new way, enabling more efficient bandwidth usage and capacity management.
The eTampere Engine programme for broadband data communications found unparalleled opportunities for synergies in this project.

Executive Board

Title Name Organization
Chairman Aleksi Suhonen Axu TM Oy
Board Member Pasi Hurri BaseN Oy
Board Member Kaj J. Niemi BaseN Oy

You can reach the executive board collectively at:

hallitus dash 2024 at trex dot fi

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