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Current members and the public services they connect to:

Takes fully part
Takes part in IPv4
Takes part in IPv6
Acts as a provider
Acts as a customer
Connects remotely
Not connected
Connection pending
Name AS Speed Unicast MLPA RS Reseller
Domainkeskus 29243 2G X X
Elisa/Saunalahti 6667 1G X P
Elisa 719 10G X 6
CSC / Funet 1741 10G X X P
FNE Finland 47605 20G 4 4 P
Moment Digital 35382 1G X X
Seclan 39242 1G X X
Planeetta Internet 58003 R X X C
SuomiCom ISP 16302 10G X X P
Cinia 20904 R X C
GlobalConnect 12552 10G X X
Telia Finland 1759 10G X
NORDUNet 2603 R X C
S1 Networks 199508 10G X X
Web1 207003 1G X X
Lounea 39699 20G X X

The table is sorted in the order of connecting. Members who have been connected since the beginning of the exchange point are at the beginning of the list and the most recently connected members are at the end of the list.

Anycast Service List

Current anycast services that have their own AS numbers:

Name AS Speed Unicast MLPA RS
TREX Services 29432 2G X X
CommunityDNS 42909 1G X X
PCH Production 42 1G X X
PCH Research 3856 1G X X
AS112.net 112 1G X X
ICANN L-Root 20144 1G X
RcodeZero 1921 1G X X

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