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[PDF]TREX Workshop 2011

TREX is pleased to host a workshop on Internet infrastructure security together with sponsor Alcatel-Lucent. The workshop will be held on Friday the 16th of September 2011 at Villa Vintti in Kehräsaari (google map) in Tampere from 12:00 to 17:00 and will continue as a networking event in their sauna department. The workshop will be of value to anyone interested in Internet security and adopting IPv6, and of course to everyone interested in peering at TREX.

Unused IPv4 address space is running out within months. Operators' networks will continue to work, trading used address space where more addresses are needed, but the pricing of used address space will rise rather quickly. It is likely that this will precipitate disruptive activities such as address hijacking. How can we prepare for what is coming?

The Domain Name Service (DNS) is the critical part that links services and IP addresses together. If DNS data can be forged, users can be tricked to give their sensitive authentication information to third parties, among other things. However, DNS can already be hardened against such attacks.


The workshop is free to all invited and preregistered parties. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Dinner will take place after the presentations.

Registration is now closed. The registrations have filled all the seats in the house.

Parking and Flights

The best place to leave your car during the event is Koskikeskus on the other side of the Tammerkoski rapids.

One World and Star Alliance have direct flights from Stockholm (ARN) or Copenhagen (CPH) to the Tampere-Pirkkala International Airport (TMP). At least Air Baltic and Ryanair also have some direct international flights from other countries.

Flying via Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL) to TMP is also possible with e.g. One World or Star Alliance, but it might be easier to just take the train for that leg of the journey. The trains run every day at least once per hour between 06:00 and 22:00. Bus number 61 takes you from both airports to the closest railway station.


There are a dozen reputable hotels belonging to different chains within 300 meters from the venue. The grandest hotels are Tammer, Scandic and Ilves, which is closest to the venue.

If you're looking for a cheap alternative, you might want to try an Omena Hotel. It's a newish concept hotel chain where everything is computerized and there's no staff to be seen. Hotels in Finland don't have a star system, but even the worst hotels are often comparable to three star hotels internationally.

Seminar Program

Please note that all times are given in the local time zone (EET DST+3).

Time Activity Extra
11:30 Reception Coffee
12:00 Opening Statements
Aleksi Suhonen Axu TM Oy
12:15 The Consequences of Adopting DNSSEC
Lutz Donnerhacke IKS
12:50 RIPE DNSSEC Presentation
Anand Buddhdev RIPE NCC
13:15 Alcatel-Lucent's Presentation
Hannu Ahola Alcatel-Lucent
13:40 Critical Internet Infrastructure Protection in the EU
Kurt Erik Lindqvist Netnod
14:07 Coffee and Snack Break
14:30 Secure IDR Rollup from IETF Quebec (backup slides)
Dave Freedman Claranet
15:05 RPKI Operational Aspects
Andy Davidson Hurrican Electric
15:25 IPv6 Access Security Issues
Jussi Peltola Dynaco
15:50 Advances in IPv6 Mobile Access
Teemu Savolainen Nokia Oyj
16:15 Cybercom Plenware IPv6 Transition Success Story
Sami Mäkinen Cybercom Plenware
16:30 Tampere Peering Forum
16:35 Lightning Talk on VoIP Exchanges
Samuel Muller L33 NETWORKS
16:42 TREX as VPLS Service
Timo Hopponen FNE Finland
16:50 Lightning talk by Dave Freedman video
16:55 Lightning talk by Andy Davidson video
17:00 Official Program Ends
17:45 Dinner for Those Who Registered for the Sauna.
18:25 Form small groups and discuss peering related issues.
18:45 Periodically rotate groups and mingle.
19:00 Don't forget to go into the sauna too.
02:00 Probably time to start leaving.

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