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The TREX Regional Exchanges are next generation Internet exchange points. TREX Tampere is located in the Tampere city centre, Finland. In addition to enabling traffic exchange between Internet operators and other network players, TREX focuses on improving exchange point services, and on being a research and development platform for future communications technology. TREX is part of the critical Finnish Internet infrastructure.

TREX also promotes the provision of services between its members. Due to its location, TREX is a great meeting point for Northern European and Russian ISPs. TREX is a member of the European Internet Exchange Association Euro-IX.


Please send feedback or arrange a meeting using the Email Feedback Form or proceed to the information on procedures to get connected.

Our newest member is Lounea (AS39699).
You can also meet us and our members at the up coming nog.fi meeting 2024.06 on the 6th of June!
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