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The Tampere Region Exchange (TREX) project was created in cooperation with Axu TM Oy, eTampere and the Institute of Communications Engineering at Tampere University of Technology in 2001. The project was designed and partners were gathered for the project in 2001 and 2002. In the end of 2002 the company to run the exchange point was formed by Axu TM Oy. The first core switch came online the following year.

BaseN Corporation joined the project in the form of investment in the company in the summer of 2003. They also contribute with skills, vision and their excellent SaaS network health monitor, the BaseN Platform.

TREX joined the European Internet Exchange Association Euro-IX in May 2011. The official name of the company was changed to TREX Regional Exchanges Oy in the year 2012.

Two Strengths

The project is built on two strengths. On one hand TREX refines and makes exchange point services available to companies that need them. On the other hand TREX provides a medium and a forum for research and development of protocols, technologies, interoperability and cooperation in matters concerning the Internet infrastructure.

Most customers will find more than one service of interest at TREX. This means that they will gain more from connecting to TREX than from a membership at a regular Internet exchange point. Customers are also able to provide services to each other at the exchange point.

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