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[PDF]TREX Workshop 2011 Streams

Thanks to CSC's Funet Antenna service the TREX Workshop 2011 will be streamed as a live event. CSC Logo

Unicast Streams

Video team credits:
Harri Salminen, CSC
Anssi Toivo, Free Agent
Jari Vanhala, Ixonos
Allan Savolainen, Raynet
Vesa Savolainen, CSC
Esa Lähteenmäki, Axu TM
Dave Freedman, Claranet

This link points to the live Flash based stream player. There is also a high quality stream, which is not really much higher quality due to the camera itself. Users of VLC, QuickTime or other real video players can try these URLs for unicast streams:

We are aware that the volume is a bit low. This is caused by the microphone being in the centre of the audience instead of the stage, so that we can catch questions as well. There is nothing much we can do, except speak louder, but we do apologize for all the inconvenience.

Return Channel

We are using IRC as a return channel for spectator feedback. Join the channel #networker on IRCnet to ask questions from the presenters. Examples of IRCnet servers include irc.cc.tut.fi, ircnet.choopa.net and ircnet.eversible.com.

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