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[PDF]Requirements for TREX Members

This article defines the common requirements for all members. Each service may have additional requirements.

All members must make administrative, technical/NOC and peering contact information known to TREX. TREX should also be notified of all changes. The primary method of communication is email, but the contact information should also include phone numbers.

All members must not...

  1. disclose information relating to the exchange without the consent of all involved parties
  2. harm TREX equipment or the equipment of other members
  3. carry out illegal activities over the exchange.
TREX is the ultimate arbiter of policy and may disable members' connections if there is a problem.

Requirements for Research Projects

Every research project will have its own set of rules and requirements. Some of them are closed, some are more open. Here are some general guidelines for research projects and members:

  1. the methods used in conducting the research should be valid under Finnish laws, especially Finnish privacy laws
  2. the research partners are responsible for naming the partners and for any other requirements relating to that project.

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