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[PDF]Service Fees

The price list for TREX services is detailed on this page. Some services are covered by the monthly membership fee. These include the basic peering services and public anycast services.

Our policy is that the member chooses the SFP/SFP+/QSFP modules that they are going to need. They can bring their own module, or they can lease or buy modules from TREX, if available.

The first two (2) SFP switch ports are bundle priced much cheaper than further ports. Fibre cross connects to meet me rooms for these first ports are also included in the bundles. The ports can be Gigabit Ethernet (SFP) or Ten Gigabit Ethernet (SFP+) ports. Faster ports do not get bundle pricing. Pricing for 100GbE ports will be available on request.

If the customer wants one SFP and one SFP+ then both initial ports are counted as SFP+ ports. If the customer has several ports of differing speeds then the bundled ports are always the cheapest ports.

If the customer does not use up ports in the TREX switch fabric, they need not pay any port fees. This is typically the case for Reseller Customers and some research projects.

The following table lists the fees for the services. All prices are in Euros and the Finnish VAT (24%) is not included in the prices.

Service Price Comments
Joining fee 420 EUR each
Membership fee 60 EUR per month Mandatory
First two SFP slots 60 EUR per month
First two SFP+ slots 160 EUR per month
Extra IEEE802.3ae port
aka SFP+
100 EUR per month
IEEE802.3ba port
at 40GbE
240 EUR per month QSFP+
IEEE802.3ba port
at 100GbE
600 EUR per month QSFP28
Link Aggregation 100 EUR per change
Connection fee for
extra ports and VLANs
100 EUR each
Private Service or
Research VLAN aka CUG
100 EUR per change
Leasing of extra fibre
cross connects
10 EUR per month to meet me rooms
Private Network Interconnect 10 EUR per month dark fibre
CWDM Lambda Between Sites 100 EUR per month 1470-1610nm

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