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[PDF]How to Get to Tampere

This page lists all the ways to get to Tampere using different airline alliances and trains. Search for flights to TMP and HEL.

Many Star Alliance airlines have code shares with airBaltic flights via MUC and CPH, and also for travelling via Helsinki.

AirBaltic has a hub at TMP, with direct flights from Riga (RIX) every day and Tallinn (TLL) and Copenhagen (CPH) three times per week. AirBaltic is not part of any alliance, but they have some code shares with lots of European airlines across alliance boundaries.

KLM (a SkyTeam member) has code shared airBaltic's flight from AMS, while some other SkyTeam members have code shared their flights from RIX or TLL. KLM and airBaltic seem to have some sort of a points transfer system in place as well.

Ryanair's direct flight from London (STN) to TMP is on hold in 2024.

Local Transit

Bus 103 takes you between TMP and the hotels in Tampere city centre in under 30 minutes for about 5 Euros. If flights arriving to TMP are late, the bus waits for passengers from those flights. The bus accepts contactless credit cards, but you can only pay for one person per credit card. You can also get the public transit mobile app. Cash is not an option on the bus.

Or you can just take a taxi to your hotel for about 45 Euros. Uber also operates in Tampere - in theory - but there are very few cars.

Travelling via Helsinki

Flying via Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport (HEL) to TMP is also possible, but Finnair has now permanently replaced the connecting flight with a bus service for environmental reasons. Do not be tempted to take a taxi from HEL to Tampere, because it will cost 500 Euros or more.

There's also a train station at HEL, so it is more convenient to just take trains to Tampere. The train ride takes under two hours and costs under 30 Euros. Be aware that the train ticket pricing is demand responsive, so it might vary wildly during peak hours, unless you book well in advance.

The local transport P train takes you from HEL to the Tikkurila Railway Station every 10-20 minutes. Then you need to transfer to an InterCity or Pendolino train to Tampere. The InterCity trains run roughly once per hour between 06:00 and 22:00. Once you get to the Tampere Central Railway Station, most hotels are within walking distance.

You can buy the ticket for the whole train trip including the transfer from the VR web page or using a vending machine at the airport railway station.

There are also two dozen long haul busses per day between HEL and the Tampere Bus Station, which is near Hotel Ilves. These busses run in the middle of the night too.

Table of Code Shares

This is an unscientific table of the code shares for flights directly to the TMP airport. I haven't found any authoritative source for this information and it tends to change from time to time, so take it with a grain of salt.

Airport Inbound Shares Notes Outbound Shares
on hiatus BT561 KL2847
CPH BT512 JU7969
BT511 JU7697
MUC BT518 LH4458 on hiatus BT517 LH4459
RIX BT357 AF7976
BT358 AF7988
DL7325 BT803

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