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Press Release
5th of May, 2010

TREX was pleased to host a workshop on Virtualization in an ISP environment and IPv6 Transition Techniques Update together with sponsors Cisco Systems, Consolidate IT and Juniper Networks. The workshop was of value to anyone interested in cloud computing and adopting IPv6, and to everyone interested in peering at TREX Tampere Region Exchange.

Server and network virtualization has become a possible and a very economical way to do business on the Internet. Virtualization is also a very ecological alternative, which is important due to rising customer awareness regarding the global warming issues. There were a handful of nice presentations focusing on different aspects of virtualization in the seminar.

Unused IPv4 address space is expected to run out within three years. After it has run out, only used IPv4 address space will be left and it will become an increasingly expensive commodity. There were a couple of presentations on brand new efforts to make the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 go as smoothly as possible, so that the pain caused by running out of IPv4 addresses could be avoided altogether.

The workshop was held on Friday the 19th of February 2010 at Tampere University of Technology and continued as a networking event in the Hermia Sauna into the night.

The presenters did a great job capturing the audiences attention with interesting topics and information. The audience asked a lot of questions and the presenters were happy to answer. Conversations continued in the Sauna department and lasted all the way to the wee hours of the morning. In essence, the workshop was a huge success.

"The workshop had a good atmosphere and it was also a good opportunity to make new contacts", said presenter Dave Wilson from HEAnet. Dave himself held two presentations, the first one was about his network virtualization research and the second about HEAnet's approach to IPv6 adoption.

Presenter Karri Huhtanen from Arch Red Oy said that "TREX workshop provided a rare opportunity to meet with several Finnish Internet professionals at the same time. It provided great opportunity to discuss and get new ideas and projects forward." Karri gave his presentation about the ICT SHOK Future Internet TestBed and was also one of the speakers in the Tampere Peering Forum.

"Being a freelance system administrator, the presentations on IPv6 and virtualization were relevant to my current work and the future directions of my clients' infrastructure", said Jussi Peltola from Dynaco Oy.

TREX staff hopes to see all the participants back again next year.

For More Information:

The seminar program is available on the web at http://www.trex.fi/2010/seminar.html

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