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Press Release
29th of June, 2011

TREX is pleased to host a workshop on Internet infrastructure security. The workshop will be held on Friday the 16th of September 2011 at Villa Vintti in Kehräsaari in Tampere from 12:00 to 17:00 and will continue as a networking event in their sauna department. The workshop will be of value to anyone interested in Internet security and adopting IPv6, and of course to everyone interested in peering at TREX Tampere Region Exchange.

Unused IPv4 address space is running out within months. Operators' networks will continue to work, trading used address space where more addresses are needed, but the pricing of used address space will rise rather quickly. It is likely that this will precipitate disruptive activities such as address hijacking. How can we prepare for what is coming?

The Domain Name Service (DNS) is the critical part that links services and IP addresses together. If DNS data can be forged, users can be tricked to give their sensitive authentication information to third parties, among other things. However, DNS can already be hardened against such attacks.

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Seminar program and registration are available on the web at

Aleksi Suhonen, Internetworking Consultant, Axu TM Oy, +358-45-670 2048

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