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Press Release
Tampere, 20th of May, 2013

TREX hosts one of the first ten RIPE Atlas anchors. The Atlas anchors are more powerful versions of RIPE Atlas probes and also act as regional targets for the RIPE Atlas network.

The RIPE Atlas project aims to build the largest Internet measurement network ever made. It employs a global network of probes that measure Internet connectivity, providing real time understanding of the state of the Internet.

The RIPE Atlas anchors have a dual role in the RIPE Atlas system. On one hand they function as RIPE Atlas probes. But on the other hand they are also targets of various tests performed by other probes in the network. It is easier to setup tests against the anchors than other targets, since they are automatically listed in the drop-down menus.

One of TREX's goals is to make the Internet better, both on the local and the global level. We strive to ease the adoption of new crucial technologies such as IPv6 and DNSSEC by providing transition mechanisms for the community. "The RIPE Atlas anchors are yet another example of a project that aims to make the Internet better, and as such it fits our strategy very well", says Aleksi Suhonen, TREX.

In the future, the RIPE Atlas anchors pilot might bloom into more benefits, such as hosting mirrors of the RIPE NCC's services like their rDNS and K-root name servers.

TREX, established in 2003, is based in Tampere which is the biggest inland city in the Nordic countries located about 180km north of Helsinki, Finland. TREX currently has 12 connected members and half a dozen connected anycast services. TREX handles roughly 7-9% of all Finnish national publicly exchanged Internet traffic.

The RIPE NCC is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that supports the infrastructure of the Internet through technical coordination in its service region and provides services for the benefit of the Internet community at large. Founded in 1992, it acts as the Regional Internet Registry providing Internet number resources and related services to its members, consisting mainly of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunication organisations and large corporations, located in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.

For More Information:

More information about the RIPE NCC is available at www.ripe.net and on the RIPE Atlas at https://atlas.ripe.net

Aleksi Suhonen, Chairman of the Board, TREX, +358 45 670 2048

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