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[PDF]Internet Grew During The Covid Pandemic

Press Release
Tampere, 17th of February, 2022

GlobalConnect, Telia Finland, NORDUNet and S1 Networks joined TREX during the pandemic, and daily traffic levels doubled permanently.

As Covid lockdowns forced people to work at home and have meetings over the Internet, the traffic caused by these new work patterns grew very quickly. Especially as universities moved all lectures online, TREX started seeing daily peaks four times as high as before. Some of the work force is going to keep working from home for good.

GlobalConnect is a Nordic power house that is building the future digital infrastructure of the region. Says Fredrik Rosenbecker: "Connecting to TREX fits well into our strategy of wide geographically distributed interconnections with other operators, keeping traffic local and redundancy high."

Tero Maaniemi from Telia Finland says that their TREX membership is part of a longer effort to improve connections to other Finnish national critical infrastructure. TREX hosts two name servers for the Finnish country code (.fi) top level domain, as well as three root name servers.

"We were expanding our network to Tampere, and connecting to TREX seemed like the obvious step to take", says Thomas Willberg, CEO of S1 Networks. The main services provided by S1 Networks are optical fibre, enterprise wireless, wired and security solutions.

TREX is based in Tampere, which is the biggest inland city in the Nordic countries located about 160km north of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. TREX currently has 15 members and half a dozen connected anycast services.

For More Information:

For more information, please contact the following people.

Fredrik Rosenbecker, GlobalConnect Oy, +46 708 431041

Tero Maaniemi, Lead Architect, Telia Finland Oyj, +358 40 552 8264

Thomas Willberg, CEO, S1 Networks Oy, +358 20 7345 756

Aleksi Suhonen, Chairman of the Board, TREX Regional Exchanges Oy, +358 44 975 6548

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