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[PDF]TREX and Sponsors Donate Toys to Ukrainian Refugees

Press Release
Tampere, 10th of August, 2022

TREX Regional Exchanges Oy donates conference swag to kids that have fled the conflict in Ukraine to Tampere. The donation includes small wind-up robots and Buff multi-functional neckwear with network equipment vendor logos.

[Picture of donated robots and buffs.]
TREX has been hosting seminars for ISPs in Finland for a long time. Our seminars always have a bunch of sponsors, and they often bring small gifts, or swag, for the attendees. And often they bring more swag than is needed. Aleksi Suhonen, Chairman of TREX, said: “In the latest seminar in June we got together with some of our sponsors, and decided that we should donate the left-over swag locally to those in need.

The donation was received by a group of volunteers called Razom with Ukraine located at the Finlayson Area in the heart of Tampere. Razom receives over a hundred Ukrainian visitors looking for commonplace items and supplies that ordinary citizens and companies have donated every day.

Many of the Ukrainian children have had to leave their homes in a hurry with empty hands, and so it is important that they can find some solace in donated toys when they have nothing and are taking shelter in a strange place. Even though it's been six months since the conflict started, new families are still arriving in Finland.

About TREX

TREX is based in Tampere, which is the biggest inland city in the Nordic countries located about 160km North by North West from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. TREX currently has 15 members and half a dozen connected anycast services.

TREX stands on two strengths. On one hand TREX refines and makes exchange point services available to companies that need them, keeping local traffic local. On the other hand TREX provides a medium and a forum for research and development of protocols, technologies, interoperability and cooperation in matters concerning internet infrastructure.

For More Information:

For more information, please contact the following people.

Johanna Pihlajamäki, Razom with Ukraine
Phone: +358 40 574 5760
Email: johanna.pihlajamaki@myrskypihlaja.fi

Aleksi Suhonen, TREX Regional Exchanges Oy
Phone: +358 44 975 6548

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