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[PDF]Public Service: IRC Servers

TREX hosts IRC servers that are protected from International traffic and DDoS.

Currently there's only a pair of IRCNet servers. Most other networks require all server to be globally reachable, so our method of protecting the server from abuse is not compatible with them.

Tampere Region IRCNet Server

Irc.cc.tut.fi is among the five oldest IRC servers in the world. Its purpose these days is to serve only users who live in Finland. The administrative burden for the server is shared between TREX Regional Exchanges Oy and a number of Internet Operators.

Information for Users

You may have two (2) connections to the network. When you find that the port 6667 is slow, please try other ports between 6660 and 6670 -- except 6665, which is reserved for servers. If you are using IPv4 and Peer keeps resetting your connection, try using IPv6.

If you want to make absolutely sure that you are connecting using IPv4, you can use irc4.cc.tut.fi, and similarly for IPv6 you can use irc6.cc.tut.fi. Otherwise you should use irc.cc.tut.fi or irc.your isp.fi.


In order to prevent abuse the hosts of all users are automatically scanned for misconfigured or hacked proxy software/malware before allowing access. Read the tips if you have problems connecting to the server. It might be due to the scans.

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