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[PDF]Access Method: Resellers

Connecting to an IXP can be comparatively expensive for a small ISP with only a few hundred megabits of traffic. The connection often requires a separate router and dedicated fibres. It may be cheaper to just buy transit for an extra 300Mbps than to connect to the exchange point.

Resellers provide an alternative method to connect to TREX. The Resellers set up a 10Gbps (or faster) connection to the IXP and then connect several of their customers over that same link. A Reseller Customer essentially gets a fractional connection to the IXP: a fraction of the speed at a fraction of the total cost.

Some Resellers also provide the possibility for full TREX Members to connect to other IXPs via a Private Service VLAN at TREX. The restrictions below do not apply for such cases. The target IXP or Reseller may have some other restrictions instead. TREX charges the Member according to the normal Private Service VLAN fee structure and the rest of the fees are between the Reseller and the Member.

Restrictions for Reseller Customers

Reseller Customers do not gain full TREX access. The primary differences are that it is not possible to get access to any other VLAN than VLAN 4: Unicast Peering. Reseller Customers are assigned only one IPv4, one IPv6 and one MAC address on the peering VLAN.

Reseller Customers don't get any physical switch ports either, while normally connected Members always get two Ethernet ports.

The Customer can negotiate a maximum speed (commit rate) for the connection with the Reseller, and this will be an important factor in the fee for this service. Another factor is the link from the Customer's network to the Reseller's network.

Reseller Customer Requirements

Users of this access method become customers of the Reseller. The Reseller will charge its Customers a fee which will include the TREX membership fee for this service. TREX will charge the Reseller the standard TREX membership fee for each Reseller Customer. (60 EUR/month plus VAT in Spring 2015)

Other requirements for Reseller Customers are shared with the Unicast Peering service. One of those requirements is to peer with the exchange point itself.

To apply for this service or to request more information, please fill out an information request.

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