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[PDF]TREX Workshop 2009

TREX is pleased to host a workshop on multi-exit BGP together with sponsors Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems. The workshop will be held on Thursday, February 12th 2009 at the Hermia1 Auditorium in Tampere from 12:00 to 17:00 and will continue in the Hermia1 Sauna until 04:00. The workshop will be of value to anyone interested in arranging multiple peering or transit locations in their network, and anyone interested in peering at TREX Regional Exchanges Oy.

Multi-exit BGP refers to the case where two operators have multiple interconnections in different places, such as on internet exchanges in different cities. Adopting this practise often warrants a rethinking of traffic engineering and peering policies.


The workshop is free to all invited and preregistered parties. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Registration for the seminar has closed.


You will get parking permits from the lobby. The parking permits should be placed on the windshield of your car.


Hotel Hermica is located within just 5 minutes walking distance from the seminar location. Overnight workshop participants are urged to try to reserve a room there.

Seminar Program

Time Activity
12:00 Opening Statements
Aleksi Suhonen Axu TM Oy
12:20 Wireless Tampere Presentation
Kari Vääränen Technopolis Ventures
12:40 Multi-Exit BGP Issues
Aleksi Suhonen Axu TM Oy
13:00 Elisa's experiences with Multi-Exit BGP
JP Levo Elisa Oyj
13:25 Internet-Wide Content and Service Distribution via BGP Based Anycast
Michael Horn AS250.net
13:50 Panel Discussion: Multi-Exit BGP

Coffee break

14:25 4 Byte AS Number Support with Juniper Routers
Markku Rantanen Juniper Networks
14:50 ICT SHOK Future Internet Presentation
Hannu Flinck Nokia Siemens Networks
15:15 Cisco Flexible Netflow
Timo Perttula Cisco Systems
15:40 RADIUS Roaming: Issues and Solutions
Karri Huhtanen ArchRed Oy
16:05 Tampere Peering Forum
16:10 Peering with: Nokia Corp
Kimmo Puranen Nokia Corp
16:20 Peering with: Elisa Oyj
JP Levo Elisa Oyj
16:30 Panel Discussion
Aleksi Suhonen Axu TM Oy
16:50 TREX 5th Anniversary - Champagne for Everyone

Tampere Peering Forum Migrates to the Sauna Department Upstairs

17:05 Form groups of two to four and discuss peering related issues.
17:45 Periodically rotate groups and mingle.
04:00 Vacate premises.

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