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[PDF]TREX Workshop 2018

TREX is pleased to host a seminar on routing security and automation together with FICIX. This event is sponsored by Arista Networks, Farsight Security, and RIPE NCC. The seminar will be held on Friday June 15th, 2018 at Technopolis Yliopistonrinne in down town Tampere from 12:00 to 18:00 and will continue as a networking event in their sauna department. The seminar is of value to anyone interested in developing Internet services or networks, building or operating data centres, and of course to everyone interested in peering in Finland.

As untarnished IPv4 address space is becoming scarce, attempts to unlawfully borrow address space belonging to others are becoming more common. Global routing security is still quite relaxed, but it needs to become tighter to address this issue.

Most service disruptions on the Internet are caused by typos or other administrator errors. Automating service configuration and re-configuration will prevent most common mistakes and make running of services more efficient in the large scale.

Seminar Program

Please note that all times are given in the local time zone: EEST+3.

Time Activity Extra
11:00 Reception Coffee
12:00 Opening Statements
Aleksi Suhonen, TREX
12:10 SIE Europe
Paul Vixie, SIE Europe
12:35 Isolario Project: Real-Time Internet Routing Observatory
Alessandro Improta, IIT-CNR
2598 SR insert Alerts
12:55 The Single Source of Truth for Automatic Network Configuration
Andy Davidson, Asteroid
Coffee Break
13:45 I Just Want a Button!
Routing Security Challenges
Nathalie Trenaman, RIPE NCC
14:15 Telia.ee DevOps Crisis Training
Tarko Tikan, Telia.ee
14:40 Open Arista SDDC Architectures and Solutions
Markku Rantanen, Arista
Coffee Break
15:25 IPv6 Prefix Assignment for End-Users
Jan Žorž, Internet Society
15:55 Improving Routing Security for All
Jouko Maksimainen, Nebula
16:20 Security via DNS
Paul Vixie, Farsight Security
Coffee Break
17:10 Open Source in Network Automation
Jonne Soininen, Nokia
17:30 NAT64Check
Jan Žorž, Go6 Institute
18:00 Tampere Peering Forum
18:05 Lightning Talk
Nathalie Trenaman, RIPE NCC
18:10 NCSC-FI Lightning Talk
Kauto Huopio, Ficora
18:15 About Y.IPv6RefModel
Raymond Jetten, RIPE IPv6 WG
18:20 Seminar Program Ends
18:30 Dinner for Those Who Have Registered For It.
19:00 Sauna Department Opened.
20:30 Form small groups and discuss cooperation potential and synergies.
21:45 Periodically rotate groups and mingle.
22:00 Don't forget to go into the sauna too.
02:00 Probably time to start leaving when the security guard arrives some time after 2 AM.

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