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[PDF]Three New Members At TREX in Tampere, Finland

Press Release
Tampere, 14th of October, 2015

Netplaza, Aiber Networks and Nebula joined TREX over the summer. Nebula will start providing Reseller Connections to TREX.

Netplaza provides high quality broadband connections to SME businesses in Northern Finland. CTO Antti Alasalmi says "Connecting to Finnish Internet Exchanges allows us to optimize our traffic flows. Our end users will receive the best user experience possible." Netplaza's connection will be completed before the end of year.

A new underground data centre is being built in Tampere by Aiber Networks to serve the international cloud business needs. This will significantly increase the Internet capacity and exchange point capacity needs in the Tampere region. This Tier4 level high security data centre will be operational by January 2015 and the Aiber connection to TREX will be completed at the same time.

Aiber already has one operational data center in down town Tampere. Aiber Networks offers hybrid cloud services with full stack of support. Its target markets are Russia, Israel and Northern Europe in the first phase. "We see Tampere as a strategic and cost-efficient point between East and West with low latency connections to all capitals in our operational area. TREX makes it more easy for us to connect immediately to several Internet service providers and partner networks", says Pekka Järveläinen, CEO of Aiber Networks.

Nebula is a network and cloud service provider with national coverage. The Nebula MPLS/IP Core will bring new members to TREX and it will also connect old TREX members to other networks and cloud services.

TREX is based in Tampere, which is the biggest inland city in the Nordic countries located about 180km north of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. TREX currently has 15 connected members and half a dozen connected anycast services. TREX handles roughly 5% of all Finnish national publicly exchanged Internet traffic.

For More Information:

Antti Alasalmi, CTO, Netplaza Oy, +358 10 2811 703

Pekka Järveläinen, CEO, Aiber Networks Oy, +358 400 839 411

Pekka Eloholma, CEO, Nebula Oy, +358 9 6818 3810

Aleksi Suhonen, Chairman of the Board, TREX, +358 44 975 6548

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