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[PDF]TREX Workshop 2014

TREX is pleased to host a seminar on current internetworking and cloud networking challenges together with sponsors Adva Optical Networking, Alcatel-Lucent, Cube Optics, Extreme Networks, Netnordic, RIPE NCC, and Rugged Tooling. The seminar will be held on Monday the 9th of June 2014 at Technopolis Yliopistonrinne in down town Tampere from 12:00 to 18:00 and continue as a networking event in their sauna department. The seminar will be of value to anyone interested in developing ISP services or networks, and of course to everyone interested in peering at TREX.

This year the seminar will be streamed live with technical help from Musiikki Mode.

Seminar Program

Please note that all times are given in the local time zone: EEST+3.

Time Activity Extra
11:30 Reception Coffee
12:00 Opening Statements
Aleksi Suhonen, Axu TM Oy
12:10 Safe and Automated IPv4/IPv6 Address Management - VitalQIP
Jari-Pekka Satumäki, Alcatel-Lucent
Netnordic video
12:35 National IPv6 Launch
Klaus Nieminen, Viestintävirasto
39662 video
12:45 Rugged Tooling, IP Network Testing Tools
Hannu Saarenpää, Rugged Tooling
Coffee Break
13:25 Government Network Services Introduction
Kari Likovuori, Valtori
50290 video
13:45 Evolution to 100Gig Metro Networks
Steve Jones, Cube Optics AG
14:05 News about RIPE NCC Tools
Robert Kisteleki, RIPE NCC
3333 video
Coffee Break
14:35 Nuage - Revolutionizing Datacenter Networks
Sami Kinnunen, Alcatel-Lucent
15:10 Pros and Cons of Operator Specific Business Support Systems
Teemu Peltonen, Racon Oy
15:30 Crypto WDM Surprise
Ari Salomaa, Adva Optical Networks
Coffee Break
16:10 SPB vs. TRILL - A Technology Overview
Michael Holmberg, Extreme Networks
17:00 Tampere Peering Forum
16:40 Oxidized
Anton Aksola, Nebula
29422 video
17:05 Staminus Overview
Bryant Townsend, Staminus Communications
25761 video
16:50 BNG and IPv6
Hannu Ahola, Alcatel-Lucent
16:45 A Small RIPE Ceremony
Robert Kisteleki
17:20 Consider it DANE
Joona Kannisto TUT
1739 video
17:25 Impact of Electricity Tax Break for DCs
Antti Oksa, Telecity Group Finland
29154 video
17:50 IXReach Lightning
John Hill
17:50 Lightning Update
Hannu Ahola, Alcatel-Lucent
17:40 Seminar Program Ends
18:00 Dinner for Those Who Registered for It.
19:20 Move Upstairs to the Sauna Department.
20:00 Form small groups and discuss potential cooperation.
21:45 Periodically rotate groups and mingle.
22:00 Don't forget to go into the sauna too.
02:00 Probably time to start leaving.

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